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FLACS insists on a well-balanced diet in children’s lives

Since February 2010, FLACS cooks student meals on site. FLACS has on staff an Executive Chef, an Assistant Chef and helpers.

The lunch program offers a wide range of food. Every day, students will be offered a protein, vegetable dish, starch, soup, and dessert. Over a 10 day period, 40% of the lunch entrée is a chicken dish, 20% will be a beef or pork dish, 20% is a fish dish, and another 20% is a vegetarian dish. Dessert is 80% cut and whole fresh fruit and 20% will be a dessert prepared by the chef.  In addition, a healthy breakfast is served evey morning.

The science curriculum offers new vocabulary and lessons about food’s biological impact on our bodies. As a result of the wellness program students will have a healthy relationship with food. An afterschool cooking program is available to students.

FLACS invites parents and families to join in the school’s efforts to end childhood obesity and make a balanced diet an everyday part of children’s lives.

FLACS extends its thanks to the Calhoun School for its technical assistance as FLACS developed the wellness initiative.