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Family Life Academy Charter School provides general music classes. Students are actively engaged in developing musical technical skills and understanding through singing, moving, creating and playing on a variety of classroom rhythm instruments. FLACS scholars learn music technical components and terminology. The school’s song “Smart FLACS Scholar” is an original composition by FLACS teachers later modified by Mr. Plaskett, the current Music Teacher. School assemblies and special events are frequently accompanied by student singing. At the end of the school year in June during the annual Talent Show, students, teachers and staff get a chance to show case their talents on stage.


The Art program at FLACS is designed to develop an understanding of the different forms of art. Borrowing from different styles and artistic eras, students create diverse and visually stunning art pieces. The curriculum gives students a wide range of experiences and helps them to have an appreciation for the art that surrounds the world around them. Emphasis is given to the seven elements of art, namely: line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space.

Art is fun at FLACS. Using a multitude of line and color techniques, the students create a dynamic portfolio designed to allow them the opportunity to explore their own artistic opinions. Children explore their world and express their interpretations of what they see through:

  • Painting
  • Line Drawing
  • Printing
  • Sculpting
  • Building
  • Mask Design
  • Folding

Students are encouraged to use their creative skills to look beyond the surface and into the deeper details of images. The goal is to bring out individually captivating pieces that may be used in the future to further a student’s own artistic endeavors such as the continuation of art in high school or the pursuit of a career in the arts.