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Please read before completing the application:

1.  This application is for Family Life Academy Charter Schools (FLACS) only. This application is not affiliated with other New York City charter schools or Department of Education applications.
2.  Application Deadline:  April 1, 2020. 
  1. Applications received after April 1st will go to the waiting list.
3.  FLACS has the following schools and grades:
  1. FLACS I - Kindergarten to 5th grade
  2. FLACS II - Kindergarten to 5th Grade
  3. FLACS III - Kindergarten to 4th Grade
  4. FLACS MS  - 6th to 8th Grade
4.  Charter schools are free public schools open to all NYC students.  They do not require an admissions test, interview, essay, etc. in order to submit an application.  Family Life Academy Charter Schools are public schools. There is no fee to apply or attend a FLACS school.
5.  To apply for kindergarten, your child must be five years old on or before December 31, 2020.
6.  Charter School Preference - as per the NYS charter schools law, charter schools are allowed lottery    preference FLACS statutory and approved preferences are the following:
  1. Pupils returning to the school – all FLACS students in our schools automatically stay with us – no lottery required
  2. Siblings of current FLACS student(s) already enrolled in a FLACS school –  brother(s), sister(s) who have 1 parent in common and or legal siblings (foster/court-appointed)  
  3. Children of employees
  4. Children residing in the community school district in which the charter school is located
    1. FLACS I (district 9) / FLACS II & FLACS III (district 7) /  FLACS MS (district 7 & 9)
  5. English language learners – (a person who is learning the English language in addition to his or her native language)
7.  You can apply to FLACS in the following manners
  1. Electronically at
    1.  (only for FLACS schools)
    2. (all charter schools)
  2. Paper application – fill out this application and submit to school :
    1. Mail – (14 West 170th Street, Bronx, NY)
    2. Hand deliver (to Family Liaison at any one of our FLACS Schools)
    3. Email –
8.  All applications will be entered into the electronic Schoolmint system for our FLACS lottery
  1. Your email address or cell phone number will serve as your SchoolMint account ID.
    1. You may log in anytime to view, edit or track your application
  2. The electronic application is saved immediately
  3. The paper application will be entered electronically by the school staff.
    1. You will receive an email or text once the paper application is entered electronically
You must receive a confirmation email/text for each student's application to ensure each student will be entered into the lottery.
9.  You must fill out an application for each child that you apply for.
  1. Only one application per student will be accepted.
    1. A separate application must be completed and submitted for each child
  2. If you apply for the same student under two different SchoolMint accounts, the accounts will be merged and the duplicate application will be removed prior to the lottery.
    1. You will receive a message through email or text informing you that an application was canceled – you can call the school back to confirm details
  3. If you are applying for more than one student (siblings), please make sure to add both names to your account profile and complete an application for each student.
10.  Please review your answers and ensure all necessary items are filled